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The Confluence Building

Photos by Matthew Bolt Photography. Courtesy of

Mass timber and Passive House certification will combine for the first time in the West Kootenay region of BC through the construction of The Confluence, a multi-purpose civic space that will support local tourism, economic development and Indigenous programming.

  • The project showcases recent mass timber technology with prefabricated cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels manufactured within 17 kilometres of the building site.

  • The use of mass timber reduces labour costs and construction time and helps achieve Passive House certification.

  • Precision-made prefabricated wood panels built with computerized numerical control (CNC) achieves both complex geometry and cost-efficiency.

An inspiring multi-purpose space to showcase civic pride

Designed by a local design team, and set to use regionally-sourced materials, The Confluence will be an inspiring multi-purpose civic space housing the Visitor Centre, Economic Development office, a satellite branch of Community Futures and Destination Castlegar. It will include office space, tourist info, gift shop, Indigenous and historical interpretive kiosks, and co-working/collaborative space along with tech-charging stations.

To achieve its complex geometric design cost-effectively and meet ambitious energy targets, the 725-square-metre, L-shaped, metal and wood-clad facility will make full use of computer numerical control (CNC) prefabricated mass timber panels—precisely cut components. Its angular massing, oblique roofline and vaulted clerestory glazing all serve as a subtle reference to the local West Kootenay Selkirk Mountain Range.


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