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We're Building a Castlegar Regional Legacy

We're building a new $8.3 million multi-use 8,300-square-foot building to bring economic growth, tourism, and local business support together. But this new public space has so much more to offer Castlegar and the Regional District of Castlegar Areas of I and J.

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Be the Town Greeter

Whether you’re an adventure planner or known for your friendly personality, your donation can improve visitor experience.

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Be the Business Advocate

It doesn’t matter if you’re 2 or 92, your donation can empower local Castlegar businesses and economic growth.

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Be the Tourism Influencer

If you’re Instagram famous or simply enjoy boasting about all the things to do in Castlegar, your donation helps promote tourism.


Ready to Donate?

Yes! I would like to support The Confluence building.

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